SevenSins_Studios Trouble

I wanna start off by saying by no means am I trashing or bad talking the artist! He’s a great guy and I respect what he does, however I have some concerns and things I want to voice to everyone and get your opinions on it too.

Around mid December I ended up contacting and purchasing a deluxe finish from Se7ensins_studios. I payed the half he asked for and he told me the estimated time of completion was looking at February. He also mentioned how he would keep me updated with progress and such. It is now May, I have not recieved one progress picture. Despite having contacted him a few times, only once was I able to actually have a conversation, but that was back in March.
During our March conversation, he said the mask could be completed by the end of the month and he’d send progress pictures. Not once did he contact me, even when I messaged him. I made sure not to overstep my boundaries and kept respectful, not to spam him or be rude in any way. We all have lives and I understand, but I’ve even seen him post that he’s selling masks on his story and such! I don’t understand, and from what I know he isn’t a scammer. Does anyone have any advice they can share with me? What should I do?