Shat Proto #1 Conversion in near future?

Well guys and gals, I am seriously tossing around the idea of converting my Shat proto. My Shat proto is smaller and thinner than my Creep proto and fits me considerably better since it fits me tighter. Curiousity got the best of me so I decided to slit the mouth identically to how Justin cut the mouth on my Creep proto. After snipping these two pics, I am seriously contemplating converting this mask, even though I originally had no intentions of converting it. Decisions decisions… :mrgreen:

Ho ho ho! I say go for it Kris. That’s just me personally since I’m not a Kirk guy, but that thing’s got H1 written all over it (literally, with it’s features).

I’m NOT a kirk man Kris…SEND THAT BAD MOFO TO JAMES!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Why have one ‘Dream H1’ when you could have two :wink:

eh i dont know man. im not a huge kirk fan myself but that shat does look great and it is the ONLY shat proto. thats a tough call alright.
honestly kris judging by your pics, i dont see how that shat converted could possibly look any better photographed than your creep does, worn or unworn.

I always love a good kirk and that’s the proto so leave it as is :axe:

Being a Trek fan it’s hard to see a good Kirk go and that my friend is a damn fine Kirk. That and being the proto, you gotta leave it alone. Plus the Creep proto should fill the perfect Myers void as it is.

Keep it as a Kirk. No need to convert anything since you also have the Myers. That Myers looks really good so I really don’t think you have any reason to convert your Kirk honestly.

If you convert it,Then sell me the creep proto

Convert it buddy!!! :drinkers:

There is no doubt about it, the Creep proto is my favorite H1 Myers to date. Justin really knocked out the eyes on the Creep with the most accurate molded eyes I have ever seen. The only reason I’m tossing around the idea is because the Shat fits me tigther than the Creep. Many know I like my masks to fit skin tight. Ive already told Justin, I want to order a 2nd Shat, so if that copy fits me the same as my proto ideally I’d rather convert that copy instead. It’s true, I don’t need 2 Myers. The only way I would sell my Creep proto is if I could replace it with a converted Shat that was a doppleganger of my Creep proto.

It’s all up to you - I’d leave it as is or get another of Justin’s Kirks to convert. I know we’re talking serious cash here, but hey - I’ve done similar things & don’t regret it (& my pockets are pretty shallow actually :open_mouth: ) I’m not a Trek fan, but I appreciate a good Kirk mask & THAT, my friend, is a GREAT Kirk mask! :drinkers:

Id leave it as is
and wait for another kirk…

Do whatever makes you happy my friend.
Bottom line everyone, if Kris EVER sells that proto, I get first dibbs :rock:

Honestly dude, you already have an H1… I would keep this as is. It’s a great item to have!! :mrgreen:

That mask would look cool half converted.

Get a second Shat from Justin and convert that one…keep your proto’s as a perfect pair :smiley:

I’ve never been a kirk fan but damn is this one hell of a mask…I’d leave it alone specially since its the PROTO man.You dont want no regrets later on in the future.But tell you this much that mask would make one hell of a myers mask.

if it werent a proto i would convert it but since it is keep it

I agree Scott! This would be the way to go Kris!

Since the mouth is slit, I would convert it.