Should H40 been a direct sequel to H1 or H2?

H40 should have followed

  • Halloween
  • Halloween II
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Do you think H40 would have been better served as a sequel to Halloween II ? Or a direct sequel to Halloween ? I know alot of ppl didn’t like the siblings angle between Michael and Laurie that was created for Halloween II . .do you feel that was enough reason to make H40 a direct sequel to Halloween and eliminating that storyline? Or having the story continue after the events of Halloween II?..

I think the way they did it is the best. We already have a few sequels that follow directly after H2, so the directly after H1 sequel was the best choice imo.

After Halloween 1. I personally don’t care much for H2 or the sequels. It became a bit ridiculous. He went from a creepy guy with no motive to a zombie type supernatural figure. It bugged me that he gets shot perfectly in the eyes in Halloween 2 as well and he’s still able to stand and carry on. And I personally think the brother sister story made Michael less scary.

I think H2 would of been so much better.

Given that they removed the brother sister aspect that H2 established it only makes since for it to be a direct sequel to H1. Personally I feel Halloween 81 could have been the last film and I would have been happy with how it ended.

I think it should have been a sequel to H2 simply because the hospital massacre would much better represent why Laurie became this traumatized, Rambo-like person, considering that if you add up the kills in H1 and H2, it’s somewhere around 15 in one night. By making it a sequel to H1, there’s only 4 kills, which isn’t to say that wouldn’t scar a person, but having that in addition to the hospital kills makes it far more believable, to me at least. Not only that, having H2’s hospital kill count would also add to the lore of this murderer known as Michael Myers, and his grisly status in Haddonfield history. 4 kills in one night versus about 15 in one night, take your pick of which one is sure to lead to a more disturbing moment in a small town’s history, and thus create a big name mass murderer. I will say this though, I was never a fan of the brother-sister plot, as that was never intended to be the case, and therefore made Michael more frightening and mysterious, like a force, as he should be. That’s the only thing that makes following H2 an issue, having to try to clear that up.

I think they should have continued on from H2, I love the movie… In H40 I think they could have said something like this:

“After Michael was captured that night, Laurie was taken straight to HMH. She was so hysterical that they had to pump her full of meds to calm her down. She woke up in the morning screaming and going crazy saying that Michael was in the hospital trying to kill her and that he was actually her brother.”

Basically making H2 a dream and disconnecting the brother/sister idea, but still giving us an idea why Laurie is still a little bit out-there in H40. I think this would have been better than totally disregarding H2 all together imo.

I hear you bro, I’m personally not one for the " dreaming cop out " …I’m not disregarding what your saying and I love H2 same as you…I still think it’s messed up that they are basically saying screw u to Dick Warlock and erasing his performance. That’s the in thing Hollywood does now .Making direct sequels to movies that already have sequels and make them not exist .like Terminator, etc…

And it’s not cool they do that! Much respect to Mr.Warlock

When you have to “pretend” the other movies don’t exist, you’re going to make people upset. I’ll just sit here with my Halloween II title credit pumpkin knowing that Myers got his eyes shot out and died at the end of the real sequel to Halloween.

YES!!! your words written are golden :jack_o_lantern:

78 because i was honestly never a big fan of the sibling idea between Laurie and Michael, I like H2 but I’m very happy to see that idea retconned.

I’ll say H1, since that’s what they made. H2 has already had several sequels that made 2 different direct timelines to it, so yeah H1 was definitely the way to go with this one, imo.

I’m not a fan of the dream idea myself lol, but I would have rather they did this than completely skip it. I totally agree I think it’s a shame and seemed like a screw you to DW (who was awesome as MM) I personally love H2 and think it’s a fantastic movie and goes hand-in-hand with H1.

I prefer H40 being a sequel to the original over H2 because H2 he would have been clearly deceased.

This is definitely a good point ,I mean that was the purpose for the ending of H2 anyway : to finally kill off the boogeyman but line they say" you can’t kill the boogeyman " lol so I would have loved to have seen a creative way for the Shape to be brought back after H2 instead of the lazy cop out and just skipping it completely and if Green and his buddy say that’s not the main reason they skipped H2 they’re lying.

I like that is just takes on after the first movie. We had a sequel that rebooted after the second. Technically, we had two.

I completely agree.

I find it interesting how most ppl prefer Halloween 2 over H40 but yet more ppl think H40 is a better sequel to Halloween than Halloween 2…

If John Carpenter says the original 78 Halloween is the only official one, I’m listening. To me, Michael will always be a random person going after a random girl that reminded him of Judith. Not his actual sister.

Watching the 2 films as a kid, I never liked seeing Michael go from a stalking, quick, phantom-like human to a slow-walking, always there monster. I always chalked it up to his injuries at the end of the original, but it never felt right to me. Also, him being shot in both eyes and still continuing made no sense to me. And I didn’t think Michael’s death in H2 was very satisfying. He’s on fire and then it’s over. Not hating on H2, it’s my third favorite of the series, but there is a clear reason H40 directors went with a sequel to John Carpenter’s original idea! It made the most sense!