Simon Brandolino H40 STUNT Rehaul UNBOXING !

Had the pleasure of receiving this piece of art last couple weeks and oh boy… this thing is nasty !
If I didn’t know any better in masks, I’d swear it was rotting haha. You can contact Simon on instagram : @SimonBrandolino
I couldn’t be happier with an H40 mask, it’s truly a beautiful mask all around !
I also made a shortfilm/unboxing video for it, I hope you guys will like it !

Wow that’s a sick paintjob…love the hair as well!! Great score!!

Thank you mate !

That’s really good

I agree mate, Simon’s work is off the charts!

it’s literally amazing. I might wanna cop a rehaul for myself.

Anyone else got their rehaul done by Simon ? Also anyone heard of SLFX ?

That’s gotta be the best I’ve seen.

It is. His work is top followed by Remzap86 and Sevensins