Sinister Studios Obsession or 75c?

I’ve been looking at the two and I can’t really decide which one I want. The Obsession is cheaper and still good looking but the 75c looks more accurate in my opinion, agh, I can’t choose! :rock:

Get whichever one you like best. However, if you want the Obsession I have one for sale in the Classifides

The Hiro is actually the most accurate. I believe it has Kirk lineage?

Personally, I prefer my Obsession over all, but the 75c is pretty decent with an H1 finish.

The Hiro is better

I got a 75c and love it… in few months going to look into an obsession as well.

I would go Hiro.

Look at Caleb Croft 75 Castle Shots … then we talk again about true accuracy :wink: loool
This Nag is HERO not Hiro [emoji1787]

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I agree these sculpts, as well as Handiboy, can’t match the accuracy of certain masks, particularly NAG. That being said, it isn’t really fair to compare a $200 mask to a $600+ JC conversion lol. Caleb has 1 of 3 of my favorite H1 masks in the hobby.

And to the OP, if it were me, I would save up and get either a Nightowl Creep, NAG 75k or NAG 98proto. Unfortunately they are $325, $375 and $395 respectively, but for accuracy they really can’t be touched. Sinister Studios offers decent masks for sure but it’s not really cheap, I’d probably go with a TOTS H2 or wait for their new H1 in the meantime if you need a mask right away.

Some people truly like some of these sculpts though. Like I know member who still believe the NHK to be one of the most accurate Myers sculpts. Whatever you like the most is the right answer, I’m just putting in my 2 cents

I’m planning on getting a NAG in the future, but I figured I should get a starting indie mask like the Obsession or 75c, I think that getting a starting Indie mask would help me practice what to do and how to properly maintain a good indie mask before I get a NAG. people have said to get the Hiro but I don’t really like the eyecuts on it, I’ve mainly decided on the 75c and it’ll be slightly difficult to get the money but I know that once I finally work at my uncles workshop for only 3 days, I’ll get enough money. :slight_smile:

save and wait ! i lost too much cash on masks that i didnt like anymore after time…so be patient and grab a good one you will keep long

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Here’s the 75c as an H1 (not mine):

Here’s my Obsession:

If it’s between the Obsession and 75c…go with the Obsession. If it’s between the Hiro, Obsession and 75c…go with the Hiro.

Here’s my Hiro. I love this thing…it’s pretty damn accurate for $160.

Exactly how I feel. There are rare exclusions, like a GP Killer I purchased in 2008 and still own. Then again, it’s a concept mask which I love and not trying to be accurate. I feel like when it comes to an accurate H1 you have to really KNOW you love the sculpt and finish. I’ve had and sold more “screen-accurate” masks than anything else in this hobby.

OP, if it’s because you are worried about mask maintenance it isn’t as extensive as you think. Many members have literally been displaying masks on paper towel rolls for over a decade. I would personally grab a TOTS if you can’t wait or just save up an extra few days of work and grab a Nightowl or NAG mask. If you love one of the Obsession masks, go for it. But don’t settle because you feel rushed if you aren’t really feeling a certain mask

I think the 75C looks nicer, but as FuturerReference pointed out I’d definitely save up more and get a better made mask like a NAG or a Nightowl, I know the feeling very well cause I got stuck in the same dilemma last september, I had a relatively tight budget and tried all what I could to get a mask within Halloween 18, at first the Hiro looked decent, but the more I looked at it the more it looked cartoony and funny to me, so I’ve decided to pass for last Halloween and save up more for the next H19, eventually went for a Nag Shape 78 (should be here soon), believe me, a 400 bucks Nag or Nightowl Creep are way more worthy than a 150/200 Sinister Studio, think it over and you won’t regret it :wink:

I have a brand new 75c for sale. Shoot me a message if you’re interested :slight_smile:

The only thing IMO that is on par with a NAG, is a Night Owl. Get one of those my friend. You will NOT be disappointed.