So, how many times....

have you watched the trailer?.. I’ve lost count how may times I’ve seen it lol.


I’ve seen it hundreds of times now, and could watch it 100 more. I have a feeling a lot of effort went into this installment for us fans.

I’ve lost count myself… :laughing: Sometimes I will just go straight too the mask being put on scene and then too the end… then go back and do that again. I cheat a little :laughing:

Many, many times.

I have watched it a minimum of once a day since June 8th, and a maximum of probably 10 times a day. It has fluctuated since then.

Also have been listening the the main themes, Halloween and Halloween II respectively, those are my two favorite renditions.

Yeah I been listening too the themes too. :myers:

Around 20 times

three. one was to show my girl.