So I guess we CAN sell masks?

I guess as long as we’re not direct about it? Otherwise, what the hell is this all about?


I remember when I tried to post a thread in the classifieds exactly like that. I caught hell for it from a bunch of people. :axe:

I think he is selling his conversion services, not a mask, which is not against any rules.

I don’t see the reason to draw attention to it. Take action and try it yourself.
To late though I suppose.

Then why doesn’t it say that?

The title of the thread is , “High end conversion” and he has sold high end conversions on here for years just as James and others have.

Good question. I was also wondering about the KreationX ad on the home page linking to their site with info and price. Can someone explain the exact rules of what can and cannot be done?

Seems to be an interesting tactic. It does bring attention to this site that we still facilitate conversions, but as far as I understand it that isn’t an issue with Trancas, just the sale/re-sale of unlicensed Myers masks.

I really don’t see an issue with this and to be honest it’s kind of a cool way to advertise your services.

I wondered this myself. Surely this great big advert goes against everything we are are being told not to do. :open_mouth:

AmyD started a thread about almost the same thing & made some very good points. Things I’ve thought about but just continued to do as I was obviously playing “follow the leaders.” No more. I’m too proud of my collection & the relationships I have with certain makers & converters to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to them (one of the main reasons I started “naming” my masks.) Be she reading this or not, thank you for making some very valid points & bringing to my attention my own thoughts that I should act upon.

I’m a bit puzzled by the topic at hand as well, but like another person stated: the more we don’t let things go the more undesired attention is brought to this site. It seems to be a catch-22.


Unlicensed masks cannot be sold on here. Occasionally, some threads will sneak through, but they are soon removed.

Unless you see Derek post something saying otherwise, NO unlicensed masks can be sold on here.

Thank you.

The way it is titled does not sound like the sale of his services, at all. First of all, if it was for his services, why not just say so? Since conversion services are still permitted, why wouldn’t he just say that it was his services for hire? . Also, it says “high end”. So if it was for his services, does that mean he only does high end masks. Maybe he’s referring to his services as “high end”. And lastly, it says conversion (singular) and not conversions (plural). If he was selling services, wouldn’t it be plural? Why would he be advertising for the service of one conversion?

Excuse me, but I smell bullshit here. Not to mention the continuing issue of certain people being favored. If Colin can sell a converted mask just by words, like so, then I expect the advertisement of my 99 Shatner to be acceptable.

Colin’s thread is for nothing more than his services. He used “high end” in reference to doing a high end conversion NOT to sell a mask!

That is why the topic was approved, we still cannot sell nor trade Myer’s masks…unfortunately. :frowning:

Speaking of TRADES, Benny, I don’t understand why we are not allowed to. There is no gain of money with either party in a trade. I think we should at least be able to openly trade here.

But that doesn’t explain why there is a link to KreationX’s website on the front page where they are very clearly selling unlicensed Myers mask. I know the sponsors/featured artist section was taken down for the longest time when all the controversy started. Why now, with all the bs Trancas has started, do you bring it back and then link to a site that is selling unlicensed products? I’m not trying to start anything, I’m just curious. Doesn’t make sense that the website itself can post links to where you can purchase unlicensed stuff, but we can’t sell or trade it. :question: :confused:

I have several times myself had a long comment written out about this same topic and not posted it thinking these guys will think Im just bitching.I think he may be talking about his conversion work on this.(not sure) Ive seen several members list
“Im selling my collection” or “selling part of my collection” with no pics or prices.I thought this was a no no.I know it has been said its fine to have no pics but you must tell what mask is for sell.When you say I have masks for sell people can contact you for a list including myers mask.I have no problem with this if its ok for everyone to do.I have seen a half dozen people do this in the last month.You have people asking about niks mask,justins mask,kreation x,medley myers,and many others.Then people tell them where to go and how much the mask is.Ive seen people order so many h9 mask and talk about selling and buying them openly over the forum.Hell we have a feedback page full of positive transactions for bookoos of myers mask.People had a debate about the buying of a screenused h4 mask in the feedback section.Its unreal what some people get away with while others cant say one word wrong.This is just a handful of things that come to mind.Hell if I sit here for an hour I could tell you many things that go on that should not.We need to treat every member the same and have the same rules for everyone.I would love to sell some of my mask but I know we cant.
Just to add,I love this place and all the members here but we have to make sure everyone is treated the same…

Matt - Trust me when I say I wish we COULD sell/buy and trade Myers masks here but due to the situation with Trancas we simply cannot. I understand your feelings towards the trading aspect on it but the problem with trading is this would result in unofficial Myers’ masked being moved on THIS site. We cannot move unofficial Myers masks on this site due to Trancas, none of the mods nor Derek like the situation any more than the rest of you guys but we simply have no choice.

Dreamer - KreationX, Ebay, (etc) are external to our site and therefore we are not actually allowing the selling/buying/trading of a Myers mask on THIS site. What other sites do does not jeopardize us, we just have to watch our own board.

Again, ALL of us wish we could go back to the way things were before but we have tried (Derek really went out of his way to attempt and make it happen) and failed. Please keep in mind the more we openly discuss possible “alternatives” (if there were any of course :wink: ) the more attention we bring to us and the more likely we could see future problems.

Work with us to keep the community ALIVE and keep unnecessary negative attention at a minimum!!

All it really would’ve taken was an explanation (and maybe an editing of the thread) that what Colin was in fact selling, was his conversion services.

You know, a lot of you got pissed when I posted my thread openly stating that I was going to sell what I wanted to, but now I’m being bitched at for doing the same.