don’t have many pics as the only times i can take pics is when my girl brings her camera, but i figured id post what i had. The sociopath is a great mask. It comes from the Animatronic head as well, very nice thin pull, very stretchy. I was going to get it rehaired at first, but i played around with it and got it the way i wanted it. You can’t beat the price for one as well :wink:

I was going to get some costume shots this past weekend but it rained on and off all day so…gotta wait


Love it great score, love the pic’s in the back ground;) :smiley:

I know bro, best halloween ever, and our suits dominated the competition :sunglasses:

If your going this year I will see you again. :smiley:

Will most likely be there. Talked to Kenny around the end of last month, and he’s ready to have another blast. :rock:

pretty damn impressive, wow

Yeah the paint wash on this thing is sick. I probably going to do a little more paint around the scars in the near future to tone it down some, but as of now, im quite happy with it.

glad you like it :wink: Just poured the first H2 , bloody, exposed and revolver protos should be done by the end of the week

awesome score, i hope i get my masks from him soon!

Nice score!!

Wow… that looks great! what kind of hair is that?

as far as i know its just camel hair. Its a blend of gray and brown hair that i wetted and styled to get it similar to the crepe hair look.

For the price you cant beat it…Accuracy for a fair price equals killlller score.Congrats man.

Its a mixture of brown camel and brown/grey crepe.

just posted the vid of the H2!!!

worn pics?