Some Hiro and Poster Mask love

Decided to throw these one for some shots while I had them out to clean. The coveralls are some vintage olive big macs, and with the right filter and lighting they can pass for spruce/charcoal okay. I’m really thinking about having the Hiro rehauled with better hair and eyecuts, but for now it’s passable.

The pictures are all flipped, that being said, I highly would recommend getting the Hiro rehauled with new paint, hair and eyecuts, it looks MILES better after that, MorbidMattski has one redone and it doesn’t look like the same mask

I have always liked the HIRO. Here’s my overhauled mask.

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Great to see you around again, man! I just ordered a Hiro myself and am looking at fixing the eyes, did you have to do much with yours?

Sorry about that, they’re all displaying fine for me. And I was actually thinking about getting it rehauled. I saw a video on youtube where someone had a Hiro redone by Roland Kelly and it looked great. Having different hair helps a lot, and I’d like to have a mouthslit as well.

It definitely is well worth it, it’s a perfect mask after a rework and has Kirk lineage

Yeah looks deadly rehauled huge improvement!
Rowland did mine for me.

I like the Hiro, it has its own vibe. The Poster mask is also a good mask, I think it has some of the best hair of any TOTS mask. Light-years better than the hair that was on the previous “Hospital mask” version. Very cool stuff :rock:

How big is the Hiro?

Mine is 24”
I believe they come in a couple of sizes but the largest is 24 inches.

Where do you order it from and how much?

Both of those masks look phenomenal. If I may ask, does Rowland only take masks in batches? I messaged him on Facebook but never got a reply.

Sinister Studio bro, you can check his website for the prices on everything he offers. Last time I checked it was around $150. I would just check his website though.

Your Copy is one of my favourites, it looks like a Nightmare mask, but way better

Love posts that break up the monotonous NAG mask posting, I like Nik’s work but gets repetitive seeing the same thing day in and day out. Back on topic though, the Hiro is one of the coolest masks around, that one Rowland did is probably the best I’ve ever seen it look. Could compete with even some of the more pricey options.

You can actually find Rowland Kelly on here he is “theshape1974” if you’re having trouble reaching him on Facebook try Instagram
Rowland1974 his company is called Death Row Masks btw

I agree ibnzbass4 has a beautiful rehaul. Honestly I saw his regaul first and it inspired me to talk to Rowland about fixing mine and I’m really glad I did. Not sure who did his I forget. Rowland as well?

Here is a couple of re-hauled Hiros both done by a group member Danny Caraballo. The top pic is a 24" one that he did for me last year(one of my personal faves). The other is a 25" that Cris Patterson finally made for my big head after several mask purchases and pestering him.

From what Cris told me, the 25" will be available to everyone eventually. You can check with him as it still only shows 24" on the site.

That 25" version has much nicer of a finish on it, it’s more subtle and the eyes look fantastic!

I agree about the nag masks. They are nice to look at but gets a little repetitive. But some guys try hard to take and make different pics of there nags so great work guys. Back to this hiro. So so nice to see this with a lil work done to it. Well done to all of you guys. Thx for sharing