Some old, rare and cool HALLOWEEN pics

Found an old zip drive that had some older pics on it. Most have seen before but I thought I’d share them together here for a taste of the old days…Larry



I could stare at the first pic all day. :open_mouth:

And I love the comparison pic! :stuck_out_tongue:

That original Kirk pic I got from when it was being auctioned on Ebay, years ago…Larry

Very cool to see, Larry! Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

I love that first Kirk, it looks so perfect. Thank you very much for sharing these pics. …ANDY

Classic pics! :sunglasses:
Thanks for sharing again, Larry.

Really good stuff, big thanks for sharing.

YES!!! Thank you for sharing Larry!

Awesome pic’s…Dean

I LOVE that Halloween 3 poster!I’ve never seen it before.

Great pics Larry… Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your picture threads. Mike

love sam’s old myers, damn good sculpt, hell, even in todays myers market i still think it beats a few of them out there :rock: :rock:

Insane stuff,right there :drinkers:

Nice shots Larry. Love the ccomparison shot.

Is that Big Cats old 75 Kirk ? The only 2 original 75 Kirks I know of on Ebay he has been involved in both. First selling one then buying the one that had the nose slightly pushed in the way it was stored. I think both sold between $10,000 to $12,000.

Awesome pics, Larry! Thanks for sharing.


Love that Skull mask in the box :supz:

Cheers Larry! Great shots :rock:

Glad you saved those Larry…right click/save. :sunglasses:

Love the Pscyco comparison Pic!