Something a little diferent

Iv’e been wanting to do this for a while now and finally got around to it last week :sunglasses:
I felt i needed to get all my most favourite pics i have taken over the years printed out
and put inside my own personal Halloween masks/memorabilia photo album :smiley: :sunglasses:
So now when i sit back and look at all my stuff (which i do alot daily lol) i can now browse thru
all my most fav pics at the same time or any time i want to when i’m chillin out :sunglasses:

These pics are mainly for keep sake and i’m extremely happy to know i now have all
my favs in this album, there are alot of people that also want to see pics of my collection
so now i can show them these. Here are just a few i had done and will be entered
into my soon to be brand new Halloween collection album :rock:
I really love these things alot, they will get alot of attention from me that’s for sure lol :mrgreen:
Hope you like em :drinkers:

That is just SUPER BAD-ASS Darren!!

Great stuff bro.Your collection could use a few more top-notch pieces to photograph though,man :laughing:

Seriously,great man.

Your stunning collection never ceases to amaze me. The photos are a great idea! AWESOME stuff, Darren!

I’d say it’s safe to say the movie Halloween had a lasting impact on you :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember when you first started collecting, Darren and now you’ve lapped the rest of us several times. Pics look great!

Very cool :rock:

Incredible Darren"and just look at those pictures and that Kirk :tonqe: What an album its gonna be filled with all those special pieces, :drinkers: :sunglasses:

THAT IS SWEET DARREN!!! :drinkers:

darren- i really like what you’ve done here. the collage-like feel you have going on reminds me of film cells -what a great collection and a super idea- :rock: kudos to you bud!

What an excellent idea Darren. You’re collection always amazes me and now it’s in album form. Nice. :drinkers:

Very cool D-Man! I love these new ideas you comeup with. :smiley:
Oh yes, this photo album is somthing the whole family could enjoy…your ‘Myers Family’ here anyways :wink:
Thanks for sharing mate.

WOW! Very Nice! You should make copies and sell them. Great Collection!!! Bob

Darren that is a very smart idea brother. The photo’s of you amazing collection always get me going. I can only imagine the pure joy seeing these amazing pieces of history in person must be like.

Awesome idea and perfectly executed Darren! Superb pics of some great pieces in that jaw-dropping collection of yours.

That is the PERFECT “wish book” for my tastes!!

Many thanks everyone for the super great comments :sunglasses: These were just a select bunch i snapped
pics of, i had around 160 pics printed out so i have quite alot more including a real nice batch of
my older 75 Capt kirk :sunglasses: Photo album has arrived, now i need to stick em all in there :mrgreen:
Thanks everyone :sunglasses:

really cool idea darren. i keep photos of my newest scores in my phone all the time so i can look at them when i am at work since i sometimes work 48 to 72 hours in a row. i figured i was just a freak like that, but it feels good to know you are a freak just like me. :laughing:


I always feel so honored to see your collection Darren. I really do feel like I am am looking at an actual museum of Halloween film history every time I see it. I think It’s a great Idea to make a picture album of all of your pieces as well. Thanks for sharing this marvelous collection of yours once again Darren. …ANDY

That’s killer! I have some saved on my Mac that I stare at a lot, but something about having an actual album is better in my opinion - so I really respect what you’ve done there :drinkers:

All that good stuff in a photo album . Nicely done , Darren !

Send me photo copies of everything so I can drool all over them :stuck_out_tongue: