Something different--Awesome scores from Donnie

Awhile back my buddy Donnie made my fiance and I some sweet Halloween shirts. I haven’t been to a con to sport them yet but we will definitely be wearing them when that time comes. These are a must have for Halloween fanatics and just plain awesome! Thanks my friend and sorry for the bad pics (I need a tripod, lol).

Drop him a PM, you never know :wink:

The D-Man and his awesome ideas!
Thoes look great Matt! Congrats to you and your Mrs.


Wow those look cool! :rock:

That’s a very cool idea indeed.

Awesome scores Matt!!! :drinkers:

Shhhweeeetness with all the Halloween colors :rock:

That is really super cool :supz:

Awesome! Donnie is THE man when it comes to Halloween themed apparel. I have 3 HMH Paramedic jackets and matching shirt. I couldnt be happier with them. Congrats Brudda!

Those are sweet :rock:

Most excellent - love the colors & patches :drinkers: :rock:

Matt those look awesome! CONGRATS!
Donnie, WTF? What about Lisa and Jon? :laughing: :butthead:


Big congrats Matt :sunglasses:
Master D is da MAN :drinkers:

Matt, I was happy to have those made for you & Nicole. I am so glad you like them.

Your wedding is in October, right? :wink: :laughing:

Thanks everyone for the comments and thanks again Donnie.

At first glance I saw the “your wedding is in Oct, right?” and thought how did you know that…then I saw you were quoting Jon…hahaha

Awesome Matt!! :open_mouth: Donnie delivered the goods with this man. :rock:

Thanks Benny…and thank you for all the goodies I’ve received from you. You guys make the hobby a blast!!!

Being the Halloween fan that you are, I could have guessed that you would have an October wedding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. You are a true friend and I am blessed to know you, buddy.

Yeap, oct. 9th! But my bday is sept. 1!t lol! Just kidding bro, these things are friggin sick man!

Those are awesome buddy and a perfect addition to your museum quality collection! :smiley:
Seeing threads like this really puts a smile on my face and is a perfect example of what this hobby is about.
You guys both :rock: