Soon to come score!

Ok so i am soon getting the halloween resurrection key that Jim ( Luke Kurby) Uses to open the passage way in the basement! with coa! :smiley: :smiley:

Now thats different. Congrats

I agree with slasher75. This is something you NEVER see on here. Or I haven’t at least. Be sure to post pictures :smiley:

Agree with the Slasher! One of a kind score indeed! Be sure to post the pics of this when you get it…

That’s a pretty cool score! Looking forward to seeing a pic or two of that.

thanks! i cant wait!

and i will! its supposed to be rare the guy told me. im also buying a ressurected from him or maybe the screen used clown mask from the guy in the sanitarium in the begining of ressurection

Nice score man, something different than masks that is still from the halloween films!!!

Be sure to post pics when you got that bad boy =D