Text green to spruce green

Do anyone know why the coveralls changed colors? I thought they were the same

Different models. They probably threw the H1 pair away after they finished with the movie, and needed a new, similar looking pair and the H2 coveralls were the closest they could find.

Exactly. They went to Sears for the H2 coveralls, knowing the originals were Sears coveralls. Based on the Sears catalogs, the Tex Green color had been discontinued (as was the Tradewear name for the coveralls) and Work n’ Leisure Spruce Green was the closest available at Sears. People didn’t really focus on Sears’ in-house store brand names for clothing back then, they were much more successful building the Kenmore, Craftsman and Diehard brands. Not having the originals to compare, nor being able to whip out a HD DVD player to reference the movie, they may not have even been aware that they didn’t match.

The Tradewears weren’t made for very long really