The difference between NO SHATNER and the NO CREEP??

Hi folks :smiley:

I am atm awaiting my dear Creep to be shipped from Justin,finally :smiley: im so happy for this, :mrgreen:

I am wondering,what is the mayor difference between the NO SHATNER AND THE NO CREEP? :confused: it may sound like a silly question maybe but my laptop here isnt exatly the best at showing pictures and the fine details etc,i really have to get myself a better one :laughing:

If anyone could enlighten me and maybe some others too on this question i wouldbe much thanksfully for that :smiley:
I have read some say it is so to speak the almost same mask? :open_mouth: :question: and about no difference at em??that cant be true? :open_mouth: :confused:

any answers would have been great,and please post pictures too :smiley: i am strongly considering to get myself a SHATNER or a PSYCHO from Justin,i havent desided wich one yet,of course i want em both :laughing: but all things in its time, :rock: :tonqe:

Thanks for any answers folks :smiley:


Eyelids, lol

The Shat is the Kirk version of the Creep. Other than the eyes and finishing, it’s the same mask.


What they said^

Same sculpt, just with added Kirk eyelids so you can keep it as a Kirk or convert it.

Hi folks! :smiley:

Thanks so much folks for enlighten me on these matter,since i have a Creep on the way i will go for a psycho 05 look mask next time i order from Justin, :smiley: or maybe He at that time came upwith some other amasing myers masks,we cant be too sure about that can we,LOL,suddenly he reveals another new masterpice of a myers before we can say trick or treat :open_mouth: :laughing: :axe:

Thanks folks and take care!!

:drinkers: :rock: