“THE FIRST HOUR” a new budget friendly finish for the Nemesis from Shape Killer Studios.

Hey everyone Dallas here from ShapeKillerStudios! As some of you know I split rights on the Nemesis with a few others and I’m now offering a new cheaper finish called “The First Hour.” A clean white Myers mask with styled camel hair misted black to represent how TLW finished it fresh. This is my cheapest mask at $125 plus ship and I’ve had a lot of people asking for a more cost effective option since inflation hit the roof. If anyone has questions feel free to ask! Thanks for looking and have a great day/night.

What’s the biggest size you can go on these?

25” is the standard size these come in.

is it possible this could be done as a 23" mask too? these look fantastic!

Possibly in the future but the nemesis is usually a larger mask and I’d have to do two new mold generations to get it down to a smaller size like that which would be an expensive undertaking and would prob add to the cost of the mask. Would have to see if there’s enough demand to warrant it. These can be weather stripped on the inside to make it fit better.

If I were go get one, could I get the neck cut up? Asking because I got a shorter neck than most folk

Thx in advance!

I could cut it a little shorter then normal but it would be best to do that after you got it to make sure it’s right where you need it to be. Pretty easy to cut the bottom even, could explain if you ordered a copy.