The new 2022 Chinese Michael Myers mask

I honestly don’t know what to think about this well some of the Mask actually looks fairly good

Should see their new 78 mask, it looks like a crude flashback mask

I bought one of these and it arrived a couple of days ago, folded in up in a small bag the size of my hand. Still trying to get the creases out of it. I thought it would be a good cheap mask to try my hand at rehauling. It is of decent size although it looks a little wide and lacks a full jaw line and the mouth turns down a bit. Still I think no one will really notice when I jump scare the crap outa them in a dark alley.

nice just get one of the big 3 rehaulers to slap their signature on it and voila 1200 bucks on ebay

That’s a hot mess😬

True true :laughing:

It should work fine for you then. I recommend stuffing your mask and using a hair dryer on it to get the creases out

:laughing: :laughing: GOLD

That it is :laughing: :laughing: