"The Nightmare" Mask by The Mask Maker

I bought this mask off eBay in 2008 and all I know about it is that it’s called The Nightmare and it’s by The Mask Maker. I really like this mask. It looks great and the quality is very good and is still in good condition to this day. Out of curiosity, I was wondering if there was any information about this mask. Is it popular or did it used to be popular? Does this artist still make masks? What’s the general consensus about this mask? I’m really happy with it but never really knew anything about it so I wanted ask in here. I’m also including a picture of the artist’s signature under where it says “The Nightmare” and wanted to know what it says since I can’t read it. Thanks for any info!

No idea who made that one looks pretty cool! Those are super unique eyeholes I don’t think I’ve ever seen them like that before, not sure who would’ve done that one.

Gary Phillips I think was his name of Mask Maker Productions. Was a lot of drama with him involving bodily fluids and things you probably don’t want to know about lol.
He ripped that mold off from Justin if I remember right.

These masks go back to the early years, The Nightmare was originally Justins work of getting the 75 Kirk off of the old Kirkus mask which had huge eyecuts, he retooled it to make the eyes more accurate, and the Physco and NightmareMan78 4 stamp masks came from it, the mold was then stolen by MMP and made this mask, Chris Morgan used that mold to make the Nightstalker as well as other masks, correct me on any details I may have got wrong, that’s about the gist of it though, what you have is a really rare piece, that has the most accurate kirk features, and is insanely rare, even for a recast. ALso keep it away from that Styrofoam head as well as indirect and direct light! it will last longer!

It’s not really a recast, it’s on the same level as a nm78, psycho, etc (but I won’t go into the details of how he got the pull from Justin). I used to own the master copy of the nightmare and Gary made a mold of it, pulled a thick copy, enlarged and molded to make this. It’s the same process as done on other masks but Justin would do retooling as well to clean it up. The eyes are cut really large on this because the kirk this comes from had really large cuts too.

Nik also makes Nightmare and Nightmare UL, from the master copy that I sold to him. Chris never should have retooled this because he only had a production mold from MMP and not the master.

The Hiro is also a retool of the nightmare which I commissioned from poison workshop.

You’re welcome! The original point of the hiro was just to be a nightmare that was large enough to wear, and have eyeholes sculpted in. There was a flaw in the enlarging process that caused more retooling than I wanted to be needed. Overall, it’s a fine mask though.

Those action shots really bring life to the mask, not a bad score at all!

I just rediscovered this thread I started and didn’t know about these replies. Thanks for the info about the mask! What should I put the mask on instead of a styrofoam head? That’s what it’s been on since 2008 and it hasn’t deteriorated, but I know it’s not a good idea to store it that way. I’m just not sure what the best method of preserving it is.

Stuff your mask with garbage bags and place it on a stand.

Not sure how much truth there is in things you see or read but I remember a thread where someone posted a mask on a styrofoam head and the mask practically melted. Not sure what conditions it was stored in or if the latex had some sort of chemical reaction to the styrofoam. If yours has been on there since 2008 then idk…you might be alright.

I actually had a Myers mask melt on a styrofoam head before. It was a cheap one I bought at the mall in the late 90s. I think it was a Don Post mask.

What’s this about bodily fluids? :astonished: