***The Official "Pictures of Yourself " Thread***

Pretty standard thread. We had it once, but it got deleted by accident in a spam invssion. Now it’s back.

I’ll start us off:

Me…still trying to give up those damn smokes :myers: :myers:


You can’t really see my face, but I don’t have a face pic right now :stuck_out_tongue:
Will upload another one, if someone should make a nice shot of me haha :laughing:

My Guapo Davy :rock:

Death from above :smiling_imp:

Nice catch, Don! I need to go fishing again this fall. My dad’s off on a fishing trip in Michigan right now, but I haven’t cast a line in years!

The idiot in the center…Boogeyman by day, Rocker by night

Nice pics guys :smiley:

Here’s me and chainsaw with buffalo bill…

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The smart ass himself

Hitting the moguls in Winter park last spring. My other love in my life.

Mogul skiing.jpg

My middle school sweetheart and I :myers:

Awesome pic Dave! :myers: :laughing:

Cheers :drinkers:

The man behind all those damn worn photos! Me and my lady with our little bun in the oven