The Shape Studios Flashback mask

Hey for anybody interested, I found someone that rehauls TOTS 78 masks to look like the Flashback mask.
I think I will get one in the future!
His Instagram is theshapestudios
What do you think?

It looks rather good, though the mouth would have to be sealed and those masks are HUGE

I do like, just not that hair…

Looks pretty good actually. He did a nice job.

Looks better than the actual flashback mask haha

Looks good

I think it’s nice, but trying to turn another sculpt into a flashback mask is akin to people in 2007 cutting up their kirks to make a mask like one from the Rob Zombie film. The flashback mask is it’s own unique sculpt, and to this point, any rehaul of an off-the-shelf mask has fell flat. It’s a great version of the tots mask though