To cut or not to cut the neck of a NO CREEP? *Fixd with Vid*

Hey guys I need some help here. I have a problem I just noticed and it needs to be fixed or this will drive me insane for the rest of my days. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

On my copy of the Creep, the neck seems rather long and sort of bundles slightly around the base of my neck and into my shoulders. It doesn’t give me free range of head movement and I was wondering if anyone had ever just shortened their neck by trimming off some excess? I’m really afraid to just go scissor hacking at this beauty of a mask but I’m trying to get this thing to fit me perfectly. Here is some pics and a video to show you what I mean.

Here is the video >>>>>>

Any advice on what I should do about this situation would be greatly appreciated!!!

Gotta cut it…I do most all of mine.Just use a nice sharp pair of metal hair cutting scissors and cut it.Dont pull the latex as your cutting just let the scissors flow if you know what i mean.Pulling the strip will make it jagged sometimes.

I really stress not cutting it. It will look really bad if the neck is any shorter.

I wouldnt do it!

Yep I’m thinking that’s the only route to go. Just really nervous about cutting on it! One wrong cut and I destroyed this mask :frowning:

Gotta build up my nerve and try it tho.

Agreed. But in the end it’s your mask bro and you should do whatever you feel like.

But If you look in the movie, there is a good portion of Castle’s neck showing. I can tell the neck on the screen used mask is a tad shorter then the mask I have.

You could put something on top of your head before you put the mask on; to make it sit higher.


I don’y think the mask is too long at all. I wouldn’t cut it if I were you.

Considering I do not have the same shape and neck length as Nick, none the less here is a little side by side comparison.

I’m very nit picky, I can’t help it.

No way. I would leave it as is.

Agree 100%! sweet mask you got there man. Its looks killer on you.

I think you guys are right and I’m just being too nit picky. One thing for sure I could velcro the back neck flaps where the slit runs up and it would help stabilize it more for head movements. If i cut it and mess up, it’s messed up for good.

Thanks for all the opinions guys! I believe I will try some other route before I ruin it entirely!

Good choice.I would leave it.

I just strive really hard to make my costumes look a certain way, and If I can’t get myself satisfied it just eats at me. I’ve accepted the fact that I don’t have a long neck like Nick so that’s just that lol… I really appreciate the comments and suggestions guys I honestly do!

I’m pretty sure I would have had years of regret if I did start cutting into it. You guys have been in this far longer then I have and if you all think it looks good then it has to be so. Really thanks for the support and replies, saved me from heartache and my wife would have probably stabbed me with my lamson if I had cut into this mask hehe :slight_smile:

id personally leave it but its up to you… id start off small like 1/8 inch or so. i wouldnt do more than a 1/4 inch though…

Problem fixed!!! Yay! I had read on here and it completely slipped my mind about stuffing the top. I had originally made a few foam cutouts to put inside of my Jason VS Hoods to make a better fit. I took the little foam insert and put inside my mask, threw it on and adjusted the mask pulling it forwards more slightly… and well I’ll let the video show the it’s magic!

Thank god I didn’t cut this mask. I appreciate it everyone, and especially THEMADBUG for jarring my memory about the tons of foam inserts I had laying around.

Here’s the better fitting mask vid!

Would you all agree it moves way better now?

Looks like a much better fit now. Glad I could be of some assistance. :mrgreen:


love that creep!!!

Nice mask! I, too, prefer shorter necks and have done it on few of my masks. If you do decide to cut it at a point, you should lightly draw a line with a pencil for more perfect cutting. Btw, I’m a student at University of Kentucky. :wink: