TOTS 2018 halloween knife (pre-order)

So… I place a pre-order for the replica knife for H40 threw Tots website, the item description states that it will ship sometime in October. I keep checking my emails in hope that the package has shipped, however as the days go on I keep getting nothing lol. I’m starting to worry if they will even have it done by Halloween!! Did anyone else place an order for this item? Or know if they are good with staying on time with pre-orders or dates they have given in the past??

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They already popped up at places like halloween city and party city (online only) about a few weeks ago.

They’ve been in stock in stores for a while already.

Interesting… I placed my order (pre-order) a month or 2 ago… before the spirit stores had opened…kinda stuck since I can’t cancel the order at this point. Oh well, it’s a waiting game on my end now. Thanks guys

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I ordered a 2018 knife and a boogey man mask on September 25 and received an email saying that it started shipping yesterday, have you not received yet?

Mine is on its way as well!

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