TOTS as grails ≠?


I blame TOTS for cheapening the hobby with inferior products. So much harder to find the quality stuff these days and those TOTS don’t last so i don’t feel like it’s worth paying to get them customised. All mine have hardened like rocks and i have them displayed exactly the same as my quality pieces which are still fine.

I’ve seen a lot of people complaining, in many cases rightfully so. But TOTS didn’t cheapen the hobby. Greed did. Justin Mabry actually gave you new guys a way to even collect masks of genuine quality. H40 direct from the mold? H4 lineage? 75 Kirk lineage?

A Honda is inferior to a Ferrari. And it’s not built the same. Before Trick-or-Treat Studios we had Rubies & Spirit :joy: anyway… point being, you’re comparing apples to oranges. $60 for direct lineage = great deal. They’re mass produced so obviously not as good as independently made masks. You can still purchase one… actually more sculpts available now than ever before. $325-$550 everything from Nightowl Creep to NAG PS78. Don’t invest money into things not built to last. Those masks are meant to wear for Halloween versus genuine collector pieces.

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I’ve agree to a certain point. I’m a believer you get what you pay for in life. But yes the mold especially for me with the tots Kirk is beyond fine in my hands. Because it’s pretty much exactly the mold as a Kirk used in the 1978 Halloween. All the other masks made and done up for certain looks from the movie and are beautiful bud it is what it is.

Going back to this - please nobody take my last sentence out of context or misinterpret my sentiment. Trick-or-Treat Studios is genuinely the best company in the buisness for Michael Myers masks.

Firstly, Justin acquired the rights (not an easy task considering all of the different Studios involved) which is absolutely huge. In the beginning, we had the “TOTS H2”, which was a mass-produced Nightowl Lunatic. Beautiful sculpt. Then the “TOTS Hospital Mask” is a mass-produced Nightowl Maniac. Okay, now we can get into direct lineage.

The “TOTS H40” IS H40. I remember people attempting to make sculpts of the mask in 2018 - eBay padded the pockets of unhappy customers. Direct lineage ≠ ground up sculpts. The only way to get closer to the mask, would be owning the screen used mask. The “TOTS H4” came straight from Sean Clark; direct 1988 lineage. Wrapping up, the “TOTS Captain Kirk” is a mass-produced Nightowl Shat which has direct lineage to a 1975 Kirk.

In closing; as a kid, I’d kill for anything besides Rubies garbage. Justin Mabry is an artistic genius. But you must take a look at the Trick-or-Treat Studios catalogue and quickly will realize the vast sea of horror franchises they’ve licensed. Even their Art the Clown is top notch.


$60 vs. $500+ for a finished mask. $500 makes sense for independent masks, as you have an artist focusing solely on your mask. Higher quality latex. The H40, for example, got random hate because they were all hanging, ready for paint. The latex is of a lesser quality, but nothing comes close for the price.

My suggestion is simple; stop feeding these money hungry overhaul “artists.” If you want the perfect mask for cheap, watch some YouTube videos on the subject. Think of it like this. Se7en or Rem…whoever. They want $300 for a rehaul. You literally are spending 5x the cost of your $60 mask, for paint and hair. The eyes are already perfect (Kirk being the only exception - if you want H1, get a dremel and practice)

Greed has ruined the hobby. Justin has done nothing but help us grow since Day 1. Trick-or-Treat Studios is amazing, and we are lucky. Justin Mabry will go down in history alongside Dennis Beckstrom and the late great Sam McCain. Wanted to clarify this in-depth. That’s all.

I couldn’t agree more!!!

I get what you’re saying but I still don’t agree that TOTS is that good. Sure they’re cheap, but they’re not that cheap, and considering I’ve kept masks from them as displays and looked after them, there should be no reason they’ve already gone rock hard.
I can’t remember if it was a Rubies MM mask I used to own but it was thicker latex and haired well enough for me to pick it up from there and not worry about the thing falling apart. Sure the sculpt left a lot to be desired but it was solid and could take abuse. I expect better product quality from TOTS and the masks I currently have from them just aren’t made very well. I basically have to just look at them and they fall apart.

Hey, I respect your opinion and beyond that, your right to say whatever you want wherever you want.

I will admit bias as far as sentiment and nostalgia to this hobby. I know now (especially with the futuristic format) it seems like any other website here. But basically between 2000-2005 it was a scramble for accuracy.

I was actually a fan of the original “Samhain” mask. It was definitely maniacal and not the real look, but everybody was hyped up. 5 years later, though Nightowl, Justin Mabry released the “Psycho” which was a mask casted directly from a 1975 Don Post Captain Kirk. But the eyecuts were exactly the same as the mask used to create the sculpt.

Also, please realize I’m not arguing latex quality. I’ve called all mass produced masks “claytex” and have seen the anomalies. Some masks are standing strong a decade later while some turn to goop in 2 years.

Anyway, fast forward from the Psycho to the Nightowl Shat. Justin released a sculpt that still holds up to this day. Obviously I’m an idiot overall and prefer independently made masks (latex is made from trees, as good as it may be; it cannot live forever)

Anyway, I have over a dozen masks from 2005-2007 that feel like butter. So the $350 masks are definitely much better quality. My ADHD took over and I wanted to give history to anyone who cares. My point is, the NO Shat was a canvas with 1975 lineage, and was a pure Kirk mask. The NO Creep is the same exact sculpt with Myers eye cuts. This baffled most of us.


The aforementioned sculpts are now available to the entire world. You can pay $60 for a Trick-or-Treat Studios Kirk (maybe $120 ya might need 2), go on YT, and literally recreate the exact mask from the original film. That wasn’t even a thought back in the day.

My biggest point is this:

Imagine if we had a literal DIRECT mask from Halloween 1978? Not just lineage; the exact mask. There would be no need for the 50+ sculpts that have been created. Hell, Terry the degenerate Lambert even took a Nightowl Psycho, stretched it horizontally, and called it the “Warlock”

In 2018 we were offered a DIRECT casting from the film. The exact sculpt. Do I wish I could pay more for a copy of higher quality, hand painted? 100%. But figure $350. That’s 5 of the H40 masks. Basucally all it comes down to for me is we’ve become spoiled. People who remember those Paper Magic days reqlly appreciate Justin. He offers the best possible masks for under $70 directly from horror films. Even the H4 has direct lineage. And to end the rant; a mask that has nothing to do with this. From 2006 still standing strong :smiling_imp: Nightowl Lunatic prototype (Trick-or-Treat Studios H2 mask)

Where was there ever confirmation that the TOTs h4 has direct lineage? All of the information I’ve seen is that the H4 came from Justin retooling the Shat.