TOTS Ends Scent?

I knew the Ends mask would be quite big (head size is around 22-23 inches), so I knew I would look like a literal bobblehead when I put it on. I wish I took pictures, because it was akin to the RZ remake when Michael kept getting slapped and the mask flopped around.

Only issue was being able to keep it on! Within 5 seconds, it just smelled like pure Marlboro being puffed down my nostrils, making it an immediate “display only” mask for right now. I’m not sure if anyone else has this same scent in their mask, and if so, what are ways to get rid of it?

Did you purchase your mask from a costume store? Sounds like a smoker put the mask on before you

Surprisingly, no. Brand new, was in the bag and completely sealed. Even more surprising, the costume store I got my H40 from must of did something because it had a nice, subtle cinnamon scent.

Ive bought brand new masks with that same smell. Weird. From TOTS and Indie makers

TOTS likes to slip in a free, cinnamon car-freshener with their masks sometimes! Weird…

That sounds fucking disgusting. Sorry that happened, brah.

Our profile pics give off the same vibe, I love it :laughing:

Just noticed LOL!

I didn’t have that issue with mine or any masks I’ve gotten from TOTS, so I can’t say it’s a normal occurrence. That’s nasty sounding though. Weird.