TOTS H2 Rehauled into Blood Tears (LOTS of pics)

This is my latest rehaul of Myers mask. A friend gave me this mask like how it came from the factory (ugly and horrible), because he didn’t need it and it just sitting in his garage. I’m grateful about that because i’m dying to test my newly developed layered weathering process for vintage and gross appearance. Added blood tears for different variant and replicated specific scene. Enjoy the worn shot as well! :myers :myers: :pumpkin:

Definitely got your own style going on, love it! Awesome work.

Amazing transformation!

A million times better! Great job

Oddly enough, I don’t like this sculpt unless it has the blood tears. I feel that’s really the best look the Lunatic could pull off

Well done. Looks great :+1:

Love the sculpt of the mask best h2 sculpt ever in my opinion !! Looks dead on!! And man ur work on this mask is fantastic!! Big h2 fan ?? Awesome stuff dude good photos too

Can’t believe that’s the same mask?!?! Incredible transformation indeed :drinkers: :rock:

You killed it! Great job, Dude

Thank you all, appreciated the kind words. I’m a big H2 fan and a big fan of Dick Warlock’s portrayal! I love how this thing came out and it’s true…this sculpt looks best with blood tears, it’s just works