ToTs H78 Rob Zombie Hybrid

Saw this on the Facebook group, and it actually isn’t half bad! I should try this myself…

You’re right. It really isn’t that bad looking.

Brings back old memories. Back in the day when they released the first RZ photo of Michael, guys were doing this to a lot of common masks at the time, before any of the specific RZ sculpts came out. Some of them didn’t look too bad.

Totally good!! Cool concept

That’s not bad at all.

Always loved a cracked rotted Myers mask!

Yeah, and they were honestly much better alternatives compared to the licensed funworld masks, lol. I remember seeing someone turn their rubies into a RZH2… and it was pretty creative.

I actually like it better as a RZ mask than I do an H1 mask!

Wow that’s pretty awesome!!

Has someone done this with an Elrod/boogeyman mask yet? Or even the TOTS kirk?

Not sure, though the Kirk features might make it more difficult to combine the 78 mask aspect and the Rob zombie aspect. The stretch that the 78 has makes it resemble rob zombie slightly more

Yeah, that actually looks pretty badass.

Mike at FOD Productions did some of the first RZ replicas using NM78 blanks. They looked pretty damn good for the time considering the movie hadn’t even been released in theaters at that point. Just the trailer and a couple of promo shots. I gave him a hand with a few of them.

Wow man how did I miss this thread? Super cool.

Oh damn! That looks really impressive! I never knew actual blanks from indie masks were used for a RZ do up, the more you know!

Oh yeah. Back in 07 they released that first promo shot of Michael in front of the door and the next day people were carving up their blanks. Haha