TOTS Halloween Ends mask Thread - detailed photos

I just got my Ends mask in, and here are some detailed photos. In person it actually looks really good, especially for a mass produced paint job. The fit is about a half inch bigger than the Kills mask.

The hairline is actually laid correctly on this mask which is nice to see. As far as what is pictured on their site and what you actually get, it’s pretty much exactly what you see. It might actually be my favorite mask of this trilogy as far as the TOTS masks “off the shelf” are concerned.

I will add some worn shots here later. Here’s some photos in regular lighting, then some in stylized lighting.

Some worn shots

That hairline seems really far back on his right side. I usually don’t see it go behind the ear like that. Excellent worn shots though. I’m a big fan of the sad eyes. Thanks for sharing!

Trilogy complete.

This mask is a 25inch mask as it’s fits me perfectly.

Just checked mine and it doesn’t go back as far as this one so might just be less hair on this one

Yeah it’s just the way it was glued, it’s an easy fix.

Mine also has that receding hairline, I’m hoping the copy I get from collectors’ row has it corrected.

Just noticed my mouth is also sealed, not sure if you might have cut yours tho

No mine was open. I’m not sure that it’s supposed to be sealed. It could just be the layer of clear coat they put over it that may have inadvertently sealed the mouth.

If you like it sealed though then I would leave it alone obviously.

I’d say it’s definitely the best looking TOTS stock mask. The paint job is better than the kills and 2018 imo.

Best copy I’ve seen so far & you definitely wear it well Mike! :drinkers: :myers:

Thanks Jay! :jack_o_lantern::beers: