ToTs Kirk(converted) or a Tots 78? Which is more accurate?

Which ToTs ‘Myers’ mask is more accurate looking to the Hero? A ToTs Kirk(converted) or a ToTs 78?

Kirk, but if you want a built in stretch, the 78 mask

Kirk more accurate by a long shot, but I still like the 78 better

Definitely the Kirk.

they are both great accurate masks. one is normal sized, one is made for shipping watermelons.

Its up to you the 1978 is 25" inches which is ginormous


What size is the ToTs Kirk?

maybe 23.5" im thinking i have room in it when i wear it :rock:

I vote rehauled Kirk for sure.

This is my rehauled Kirk I recently got back from MDF Effects and I couldn’t be happier!



The pics from jkcsm101 are a great example of how these converted TOTS Kirks can look. I’ve seen quite a few re-haulers give this mask a go and the results are almost always spectacular.

Would love to pick one up but I have too many “display” masks already due to my large head. I don’t get the impression that the TOTS Kirk is all that big. Does anyone know the official size?