ToTS Masks: Buy them directly from their site or Party City in-store/online?

Just curious, but what do you guys recommend when it comes to buying a ToTS mask (a Myers in this case)? Online directly from their website or on Party City (dot) com/ in-store? I know that it seems best to just buy one directly off of the official ToTS store, but during around the Halloween season, Party City seems to sell those ToTS masks for like half off of the $59.99 suggested price (usually about $29.99 or so from what I recalled last year on their website and in-store). Are the ones sold at Party City (shipped or bought in-store during the season) cost less is due the stock given to them have been worn by other various customers wanting to try them on (lots of skin oils that could affect a more faster deterioration to the latex)?

Maybe but perhaps party city is one of tots biggest clients, ordering in the thousands so tots views them as an important retailer. One thing is for sure i got my h18 last year the first day they were allowed to put them on the shelves at party city (there had been controversy a few weeks prior the official release date since some party citys put the mask on shelves before the date) and my pull what great, sharp features, nice paint job, etc since the party citys were the ones that got the masks first so the early pulls, as time goes i notice the quality and pulls of the h18 have gone down a bit compared to the mask i bought september 1st 2018.

The best one that’s close to H1 is the H2. The new lineup of masks which includes the new H1 will not be in party city or any Halloween store (from what I heard). If they are selling a Kirk, that would be a good investment for H1 as well.

I’d go through the website, personally. Most Party Cities i visit carry a very limited amount of TOTS Myers products. My local ones only seem to carry the H2, the H6, and the H2 face mask. I was told by a manager at the closer one last year after I inquired about whether they’d be carrying the new 2018 mask in stores that most Party City managers don’t feel it necessary to carry more than three or four types of Myers masks on top of the Rubies costumes. They just don’t think they’d be profitable. I remember my closest Party City carrying the Elrod and the Hospital on top of their H2 and H6 the year those came out, but I’m assuming they didn’t sell well if that’s what the manager said about stocking Myers masks. So yeah, if you’re looking for for a specific mask, the site is the better place to go.