TOTS Rob Zombie 92 Mask (Help?)

never posted here but ion know where else to ask-
i just recieved the " '92 murder mask" from TOTS, and its a pretty good mask that i decided to get because im not a fan of TOTS 1979 or 1981 masks and until now i havent had any “clean” masks, just the Ends and 2018 masks. only complaints are how tight it is and the fact that the right eyehole is either big or its off, idk,it doesnt look right. he looks like hes doing the rock eyebrow raise. Any tips on how to fix it? Also would help if anyone has tips on making it fit less tighter, scared to rip it or damage it severely.

(and also hair tips too, the hair is a little wonky per usual on fresh TOTS masks, not interested in rehairing it though)

2 ideas that could work is buy a mask that is a perfect size for your head or a big one and then put it inside that masks making it less tight I saw a rehauler do it once so you could try that. for the eye’s you could redo them with liquid latex I would prefer mask latex add mesh to the eyes at the back then glue it then apply the latex and make the latex smooth and blend in with the mask by then let it dry and your mask will not have eye cuts it’ll just be blank nothing there. and what you’re going to do is cut the eye holes however you want then that’s it. make sure you blend the liquid latex with the mask details near the eye holes.