TOTS SAW Jigsaw Billy Puppet Mask Costume Life-sized

I used to have a HUGE SAW collection and thread on here but see it is no longer here, so I am making a new one as I start getting a lot of my old collection back! “Congratulations you are still alive. Most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you, not anymore.” The return of “SAW” coming soon!

More Spirit Halloween scores! Funny thing I took these up to the girl at the counter and she was like “Woah those look very gory and creepy! Not sure I would want that foot in my house lol.” I then said “Yeah I SAW it and had to get it as I had many before, and when I am done modifying it oh yes, there will be blood.” I don’t think she got the reference though lol. So then I told her that I make Halloween/Horror costumes for a living, and that I buy these to customize and it’s for the movie SAW, where the guy cuts off his foot in the chain."

Then she was like “OH YEEEAH that is right SAW, my daughter loves those movies, she was born on the year it first came out in 2004!” Then she said “I can’t watch those movies they are way too scary and way too gory, they give me nightmares!” I said “Lucky you, that is always what I hope for lol.” I also got more shackles for Jason X’s return coming soon! So yeah yet another FUN day at Spirit Halloween! Lol. This will go great with my new TOTS life-sized John Kramer, Pig mask, Pulled Death, Robe, and Billy coming soon! “Oh yes, there will be blood!”

Scored another exact model of the cell phone used in Saw!

Trick or Treat Studios Life-sized Saw Billy Puppet! Will be doing another Life-sized John Kramer soon with this Billy puppet, and making the new and improved blade gauntlet as well! I also have the TOTS robe and Pulled Death and Pig masks as well! I also still have the cellphone and voice recorder as well as several other props I will post later on, and I may get another vintage tricycle like my old one I had which you can see on here in my older videos. It is time to once again play some games!

Indoor lighting pic.

Another pic after removing the tag!

“I’ll do whatever it takes to carry on Jigsaw’s legacy and to make people appreciate how precious life is.” The return of SAW coming soon! TOTS SAW Pulled Death mask!

Spirit Halloween “Hanging Bloody Foot” which will be used for my next Saw costume/life-sized!