Trick or treat studios dropped the ball on their H4 mask

I have a normal sized head. That being said, I don’t know who the hell decided to make it smaller than the Elrod, as if there wasn’t already that much breathing room in there to begin with. I still like the mask, but good lord, TOTS, what were you thinking?

I have a 23.5 inch head, and had to extend the slit in the back of the mask to get it on. Though it’s a snug fit on me, I can get it on and off now no problem. For what it’s worth, the screen used hero mask was also pretty small on George Wilbur. Other than that, the mask is fantastic, and arguably TOT’s best.

Same here a 23.5 inch head. I did’nt extend the cut. It goes on and off ok. Though like you said a snug fit. If you have a slim face with shorter hair it fits better. Also one of mine compared to the other looks slightly bigger

the surviving mask is small

As far as I know most of the hero masks were small with some exceptions. They can’t really please everyone without making multiple sculpts which could be too much of a hassle for them. Their smaller and medium masks fit great on me, but their H2 and H78 are ginormous on my head.

Most likely shrunk from age to

Feel the same way. The H40 and Kills masks fit like a glove on me. They’re my favorite to randomly do pictures with. Their H6 is similar in that respect. The H4 mask is is a bit snug, but the finish right out of the box is perfect, so I don’t mind. I’m not a huge Michael cosplayer in the first place, so it’s not like I NEED it to fit perfectly.

Their H2 and H1 masks on the other hand, look like bobblehead tops on me. I can’t wear them because I can practically turn my head around inside them without the mask ever moving.