Trick or Treat Studios T-Shirts are Shipping!

My little one was nice enough to model it for me:

I still have a few left!

Get em before they’re gone.


Sick shirt man! I love t’s w/jackolanterns on em! :laughing: :rock: Count me in!

:rock: :rock: :rock:

Fresh shirt bro, just none in my size:( …ANDY

Bring a few for me at Mask Fest!!! XL :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Cool shirt. Nice job Chris

What size do you need?

3XL Tall, or 4XL. …ANDY

I only have double XL, but they do run big. You can give it a try, if it doesn’t fit, you can send it back for a refund.


can i buy a kids size t for my 4 year old

Sorry, all I’ve got is Small, Large, XL and XXL in stock.


Awesome shirt! I plan on ordering one with my Uncle Creepy very, very soon. :slight_smile:

Awesome shirt Chris. I definitely want to pick one up.

How big are you Dude?

I am 6’3", and as of late 2010- early 2011 I have fluctuated between 284-306 lbs. At the moment I am 296 lbs. It’s not that a 2XL would not be wide enough, it’s just not quite long enough. Whenever I wear them I look like Winnie The Pooh, lol. I like my shirts to come down to pants pocket level, not equal to, or slightly below the pants button level witch is the case when in comes to me wearing pretty much all 2XL T’s. I still like these shirts though, lol.