Last night i was gonna put on my resurrected and go and raom the neighborhood, and scare people with my girlfriend, but lo and behold just as were about to get ready the head out, i start throwing up, so instead of having a fun filled night, i spent my halloween in a chair puking up my guts.

You werent supposed to eat worm in the tequila bottle.

It’s all good… next year approaches.

That blows man. I spent a New Year’s eve doing that once. I actually YACKED on the stroke of midnight! :laughing:

So that’s what’s wrong with me…I’ve been eating them for years :mrgreen: :laughing:

Been there!!!
But just as you finish, you have to start drinking again, otherwise, it’s not really New Years Eve… :laughing:

hey "Psycho of lamoreaux " i think i found the cure lol

thanks guys, you cheered me up a bit,
and i thought of something, at least i didnt throw up when my mask was on

Well if it was from drinking it wouldn’t have been so bad! But, it was the flu - when I sharted in my pants that afternoon, I knew it was gonna be a bad night! :laughing: :laughing: