Ultimate myers rehaul mask guide

Hello. I have recently purchased my first myers rehaul mask and honestly I can’t stop… hahaha anyways I have now purchased h40, H kills, and ends and im looking to collect them all. I’m looking for any suggestions on the best rehauled masks for each movie. I’m not trying to spend more then 800 dollars for one mask. And im also looking for the rehauled masks to be screen accurate and really good quality. (To give you an idea on the quality and price range The three masks i have were purchased from simon.) I’d appreciate as many suggestions as possible.

Looking for suggestions for
H 78
H Resurrection
H1, H2 rob Zombie

it’s all about preference when it comes to myers masks, what I recommend for H1-H Resurrection is scanning Ebay for rehauls and artists replicas. For rob zombie masks, I would wait until trick or treat studios releases the masks from the screen used molds, then you can look for rehauls on Ebay. One more thing you can do is look for mask reviews on YouTube to find your preferred mask, most people link the artists in the description, so it shouldn’t be too hard to ask for a commission.