unable to find 40 long red kap coveralls anywhere

I ordered a pair of size 40R spruce green red kaps on amazon because they didn’t have any long sizes, when they arrived I put them on my mannequin, it turns out they are too short on the legs and it looks really weird, I have looked everywhere online for a pair in size 40 long with no luck, does anyone know where to find them? here is a link to where I got mine and they have none in long

Here https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Big-Mac-JC-Penney-Long-Sleeve-Workwear-Denim-Coveralls-Mechanic-40L-NWT/392209235792?hash=item5b517dff50:g:oL0AAOSw8iZcMjrp

I don’t think they ship to the UK

I might just keep them until I can find something better, they’re honestly not as bad as I made them out, I’m just a bit picky

Theres a pairs of 40 long charcoal reeds in stock on ebay, they have the correct sears chest pockets

yea, I did see these, unfortunately with shipping they cost £70 altogether, shipping is a mother fucker.

Damn son, I looked it up is $58 shipping in our maple syrup money.
Ill keep an eye out for 40L coveralls in the uk, Im on ebay/etsy every day looking for pairs

thanks a lot, these ones should do until something better comes along.