Hey guys I ust wanted to update you on my original Captain Kirk Mask. The mask was at Tom Spina Designs for past 2 months getting a preservation. Its now back and I plan to post pics on February 2nd as a tribute to Donald Pleasence with it being the anniversary of his death. Teaser pic below. I couldn’t be happier how it turned out! Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern:

Dang it, Jay!

Why do you have to go and make me jealous like that?!

Such a cool piece of history! Congratulations!

I would watermark that image fast man! It’s an amazing mask and image and you don’t want it to end up on a shirt or something.

Can’t wait!



Oooh I cannot wait to see more of this.


Thank you Jay! Can’t way to see how the mask looks.

I look forward to this! I agree with the other poster that you will want to watermark it so images don’t get stolen for shirts etc

Man I hope you keep this beauty, that or it goes to someone worthy of owning it and not some ass hat.

It aught to be interesting. Can’t wait. Please post lots of pictures.

This!! The more the better. It’s not often we get to see these masks so it’d be a treat for sure.

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Or an NFT… :unamused:



Oh… got it.

Yeah Chad those wonderful digital images that are apparently all the craze these days :confused: