UPDATE! True Crime. Charles Manson Artifacts.

This may be a bit of an odd topic for some, but I figured some of you may get a kick out of this. These are a small amount of things That was given to me over the years From Charles Manson. I spoke to him for years. We shared music notes and song lyrics playing off each other. We talked art, music, small talk… Just everyday convos… He would call more than write which was kinda surreal, but anyhoot. I hope I’m not upsetting anyone here… Just thought Id show you a small part of his stuff I have… Fun side note… He subscribed to Newsweek HEHE

Few more…


Thanks for sharing, cool story too, did you just start writing to him? Curious how that relationship started!

That’s fucking awesome man. I’ve seen tons of serial killer memorabilia but never a consistent relationship like this. I thought about writing him, and it was funny because right when he passed my father said it was his biggest regret to not write him. Being that my father is religious I genuinely believe he would been very disappointed :laughing: he kept saying “Charles can repent. I wanted to show him he can be forgiven” - that wouldn’t have went over well.

Some of those pictures are awesome and I love how he signed things in a way only Manson could. I see the cassettes and am wondering if you’re able to drop a snippet that he sent? His postcard writing is extremely manic matching his personality perfectly.

Lastly were you just intrigued or did you consider him a friend while speaking? Thanks for posting all of this cool stuff dude. Very rare to see. Also “Choo Choo Charlie” lmao! If ever you decide to let that one go please let me know haha

I was watching a thing on him years and years ago 2005 or 2006) and thought I’d give it a try by writing him not expecting a reply back (Ive been told by his friends he barely consistantly wrote back to any “new people” soon after that he started calling me alot and we would trade music notes and song lyrics back and forth. He was a Pal for sure, but Im sure people dont like hearing that, as far as the tapes go yea I have a converter I can do that I suppose. Thanks for your curiosity


Decided to show off a few more pieces… These are not done by Manson himself, but rather by a friend of his in his prison unit that did these up for him and in return gave them to Manson and he (Manson) sent them to me for whatever reason… Hope you guys dig em.