Velcro on the inside of a mask to tighten?

My mask is a little of the large side when I pull it in with my hands it looks perfect, but I need it to stay there.

I have hear people use Velcro, but all on the outside of the mask, But I want to put it on the inside of the mask to tighten it and so you do not see the Velcro

Any one else done this?

The collar will hide it. Plus the velcro is hidden by the way you attach it. Like, once you overlap the neck and velcro it you’ll never see it

Yes I put white velcro adhesive on all my masks. Just need about an inch or so. When you fasten it, you wont see it.

It definitely helps. I use it on my H2 stuff & it really adds to the look :myers:

I’m actually about to do this myself with my TOTS H4 mask. The mask fits nice and snug on my face, but the neck crumples up and sticks out when I button up my collar. I assume that velcro would help with that?

Oh yeah I’m thinking it will :jack_o_lantern::beers: