Vintage Don Post Skull Mask- Need info.


I recently found out that I had an old Don Post Skull mask from before I was born. It had been in storage for over 30 years. It says (C) 1967 Don Post Studios. It is really thick and black and glossy on the inside. It is still in pretty nice condition and is a pretty large mask overall. I was wanting to know more information on this, possibly what it may be worth. Sorry for the cell phone pics…Thanks for you help/ Phil

wow man, very nice! I’d hold onto that sucker. looks to be in great condition, too!

Thanks dude,
looks like you are wearing one in your avatar.

That’s a purty nice vintage vinyl skull you’ve got there. Probably worth $200-$250 in the current market.
I’d hold onto it, unless you just need the cash. They don’t make em the same anymore.

That’s really awesome!! :mrgreen:

Looks like an 80’s vinyl to me, and in great shape!

What a find!.. :drinkers:

Thanks for the input guys. You info has been very helpful on this. :smiley:

I have one also but mine has more of a silver color with a dark brownish look for the inside. I love the thickness and weight of it. This one doesn’t glow.

Very nice SKULL! Congrats man, the large white SKULL is VERY hard to find and I recommend hanging onto it as they are VERY rare!!! Ive seen large white SKULLS go from $250-$600!!! I got lucky finding mine, my two 76 glow SKULLS were an easy grab but… they dont surface as much as they used to and are going up in value as well! Nice :rock: :rock:

I love looking at the skulls and I got the one above yesterday for only $20 at an antique store. I’ve been trying to find more info on the many differences on the 1967, 1976, and 1977 versions. It seems there are more variations than I thought.

Different date stamp fonts, Glow in the dark, yellow, white, red, red version with eyeholes, darker version, brown, larger, smaller, black inside, brown inside, red inside. Does anyone know if there is a website that catalogs them all.

Yes! See! There is a maskworld out there besides Myers! Whoooo!

Go to and go under the mass-produced Halloween mask forum. There is a HUGE thread done up by a friend of mine named Rudy. It’s very, very, very informative.

I just dug one out of the basement.

I got mine at Disneyland in land in the early 90’s. It was maybe 20-30 bucks.
It was originally an off white bone color

Ill put up some pics in a bit.