Vintage SSN H4 ReTuRNs

Hey Myers peers. Post Halloween puts me in the H4 mood and I’ve had this vintage H4 beast in my possession for a while without giving it the attention it deserves until now :open_mouth: According to The Gallery, its a converted Sandman 78 that is no longer in production. Enjoy people and cool comments are always appreciated :wink: The Return has returned :sunglasses:

Awesome mask man,Always liked the Return,thats a nice copy too.

Nice shots again man! The last pic is … :open_mouth: ! Love that H4. Jacob

Thanks for the awesome props man :slight_smile:

Thanks for the luv and support for my scores Jacob :supz:

Very nice man, congrads!

Thank you Lanternman :exclamation:

I’ve always liked that mask.

Me too zephro :drinkers:

That’s such a great looking copy! I love the eyecuts on this :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :mrgreen:
Big congrats Ripper, love them worn shots! :drinkers:

Big thanks for your kudos K-pal :wink:

gorgeous H4 man :wink:

VERY sweet copy man! It’s amazing how much the look changes with the blacked-out eyes. Great mask!!

it will come back 2 me…lol :smiling_imp:

Was the SSN H4 made from the movie mold?

Great mask Rod! Congrats! :rock:

Thanks Brit buddy :drinkers:

Thanks for the appreciation you cool Canadian :wink:

Dream on :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

IDK but I am convinced this is screen accurate enough for me :smiley: