Warlock: I Need Help/Opinions!!!!

Hey guys im sure i posted before my standings on the Warlocks by CGP. I adore them and through much thought im going to shut up and buy one of these bad boys! Although i need my friends on heres help getting something accurate…the hair and weathering and such. Terry at CGP offers different variety of hair and weathering. In your guyes opinions what amount of weather do you feel i should get to have myself a decent accurate mask?
so my question, Hair and Weathering id appreciate ANY input! Thanks soo much guys!


I just got mine and the hair he puts on it is great and the weathering I got was heavy and it is AMAZING. My favoritemask by far. Hope I could help.

Hey man . I have 2 Cgp warlocks . One with brown hair and one with blondish hair . I love both but the the darker brown hair is the most accurate . Just picture Halloween 2 in the hospital when myers is chasing Laurie into the basement and he is slowly walking down the basement stairs . That one moment in time during the movie is the best representation of the Cgp warlock mask . And it got brown hair with the golden skin color paint . that’s what I would go by .

Thanks guys…would you mind posting pics of them if its not too much to ask?

And i can TOTALLY in vision the scene! And see it within the mask also!

Personally I like it best with the brown hair and heavy weathering. I got the Blonde with the heavy weathering, but it came out great. I don’t have any pics as of my current Warlock, but I have some old ones that were of the Warlock I had that was heavy weathering and brown hair…

And then of my Sandman Edition, with the golden skin and the blonde hair…

heres my old original run warlock, said by some to be the best they ever seen, my man mike has it now,
although it has a goldish hair on it, i will prob get a brown hair with heavy weathering.

Se paint job with brown hair. Perfect. :wink:

You guys have some gorgeous Warlocks, heavy weathering and brown hair i think im going with! I see even in certain lighting the hair looks blonde so it works out fine!

Yep, I wouuld go with the brown style hair…this is me in my haunt I do every year…I’ve had my Warlock about 5 or 6 years now…i love it

Jon N.

I recently spoke with Terry from CGP and he said Heavy Weathering and Mixed Llama hair seems to be the most accurate, he apparently sent a mask with this features to Dick himself and said it was spot on?