warlock new score

Now I know I might get flamed for buying from Terry but I am proud of this score and wanna show it off. Was a pleasure to buy from him and I think its a great mask.

hey man as long as you feel that you spent your money in good fashion thats all that counts!
looks sick bro

Great copy you got! That’s a killer mask.

OMG… why would you get flamed? Who cares about that recast shite! That’s a sick mask. I would love to have one of those. Wear it proudly bro! :rock:

thanks guys, i know the history here and respect that. Ive always wanted a warlock from terry and once i found out he was making them again I jumped on it.

Very impressed with the mask, his weathering is exactly what I was looking for

Im hunting for some accurate coveralls for costume shots, once I find some ill take some worn shots.

Great score! The Warlock is still the best H2 mask around. And probably always will be. :smiley:

That is certainly a beautiful Warlock.Great paint-up for sure.

Congrats on a sweet pick-up!!

Very nice pick up :smiley: The weathering on that copy is fantastic.
Nice Score!

Great score!! I always miss my Warlock :cry:

Who made the Warlock?

You’ve got a PM waiting on you.

ME? :laughing:

Thats a great looking h2 mask. :rock: :rock:

Haha, no my friend. fiend4life has one though. Unless you guys can tell me what’s Terry’s username or email and how much the new Warlocks cost.

Great score!

How long did it take to receive after you ordered it, if you don’t mind me asking?

Thats one of the best copies ive seen.

hey it only took a week n a bit to get finished and shipped but then 10 days to arrive to australia

That looks killer man,outstanding copy :slight_smile:

Hey bro thats a sweet mask man! Congrats on the new score