Wasn't there more than 1 Tramer mask?

Really curious about this…

I would imagine it was consumed by the fire in the scene.

I was thinking they might of had 2 Tramer masks… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

Oh well maybe not! Doesn’t hurt to ask :sunglasses::facepunch:

I was under the impression there were at least 2? I thought people have pointed out differring eye cuts and finishing between two Tramer masks back in the day.

I’ll have to check, someone said prior what they were. Only 2 make the final cut, though. We know a 3rd was made pink with blonde hair too though, since it ended up coming to set of H4 left over from H2.

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I was always under the impression that there were 3 masks. Two were fully converted Tramer’s, one was melted during the Tramer death scene, the other I’m unsure of where it ended up. The third mask was a Kirk that only had it’s hair changed. That was the mask that made its way to H4’s production. I might be a little off as it’s been quite a while since I researched the topic

It is possible there was 2, surely. I am just saying I imagine at least one of them was destroyed if not both for different shots. These things can only burn so long before they miss the time-frame, and have to do and shoot it again. Would be cool to see one pop up though.

Warlock told me there were only two and both burned in the fire.
Not even sure why people say the H4 was a Tramer mask, WHO said that?
Dick did say there some back up “Kirks” on set which I assume one ended up as the the H4 school mask.

I don’t think anyone means that a “Tramer” with the blue/silver paint and white hair was the school scene mask in H4, but rather that one from the same set of masks (originally pink/flesh with white hair) stayed from the H2 set and ended up on set of H4. That much at least was confirmed by H4 crew.

Just a case of people giving too detailed of an answer with slightly unrelated info, myself included :slight_smile:

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