What maks should i get next?! POLL

A SSN Don Shanks? or a SSN George P. Wilbur

  • SSN Don Shanks H5
  • SSN George P. Wilbur H6
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Hey guys! I’m having a really hard time choosing between these two masks, a SSN Don Shanks H5 or a SSN George P. Wilbur H6…help!!

I really like the Shanks, it is one of the only ones I am missing in my collection. Needs to have Scotts human hair on it though.


I’d go with whichever is from the movie you like more.

i 2nd Ryn! :smiley:

We cant make that choice for you, get which ever one you like better. Hell get the one, and then later on get other.

Well I like both movies equally so thats why im having a hard time choosing, and on top of that I love both masks the same too haha, this is terrible!

Get em both. Problem solved.

lol i would, but im already getting a SSN Chris Durand h20, and i am going to get another mask, but i didn’t know to get a Shanks or Wilbur lol, so my problem is not solved :astonished: :laughing:

Then get the one from the film you like more.

No offense but eventually this will lead to a “Post your SSN Shanks or Wilbur” or a “What’s the best H5,6?” post from you.
You can’t go wrong with SSN.

lol your probably right, not probably, i KNOW your right huh, but i think im going to go with the Wilbur, but i feel like i would regret that, but even if i got the Shanks, i would still feel the same, but i like H6 a little more i guess :neutral_face: :laughing:

The wilbur is painted/haired by BH himself. The closest you can get to the real deal :bulb:

Is SSN still offering the H6? I emailed Sean but never got a response back :frowning:

Yeah, i have been emailing him

So maybe my mail is in spam or something…I really want the SSN h6 :tonqe:

I’d say the H5, it’s much rarer and IMHO theres better H6’s out there.

Anyone else having problems contacting SSN about masks? I been waitin an emailing Sean for about 35 days now with no response :frowning: I wanted a H6 mask from him