What to do with an old Shape mask?

Hey, I currently own a TOTS H2 mask. I’ve had it for around 3 years, and it’s noticeably worn down and used. I’d like to replace it with a TOTS H1 mask, but I’m not entirely sure what to do with it. I’d like to sell it but I don’t really see anyone bothering to buy it, the paint has come off the nose after countless times of me unwisely pulling on it to take it off, it’s sat in a spot in my room that the sun hits a lot so parts of it have become cracked, and the hair in the front looks kinda weird after I tried to help flatten it by cutting off some parts. I had zero experience with this kind of thing then, and I don’t have very much more now, as this is my only mask. Anyway, with how used it is I don’t why anyone would buy it when they could get a new one for a decent price. I’ve been questioning just throwing it away, as I almost feel bad for doing so, but I can’t really think of anything else to do with it. If anyone knows any other possibilities, feel free to tell me, and also feel free to ask for pictures if you’d like, thank you!

those masks are mass-produced and you can still buy them straight from ToTS. Considering the shape it’s in, there’s really no reason to get rid of it any other way besides throwing it away.

you can throw it away in my direction :slight_smile:

No pics??? I would love to see the natural aging process of the mask.

Thanks for the replies guys, if you might actually be interested, feel free to dm me, here are some pictures:
As you can see, the paint has chipped off a little bit, I had to glue back a piece of hair in the front that my friend pulled out by accident, along the bottom of the neck it has cracked and rotted a bit, and the paint on the front of the nose has worn off from me putting my fingers there to pull it off repeatedly. It’s actually a bit sticky, and some of the hairs from the mask have actually stuck to it.
It’s harder to tell from the front, but from above you can see that the hair in the front looks a little weird, and that’s due to me cutting part of it off to try and help it look flatter. At the time and not really now either I had no experience with Shape masks, and I was scared that if I tried combing it or something I’d end up pulling some of it out, I really should’ve looked up a guide or gone on here looking back. :slight_smile: I regretted doing it afterwards, but the damage was done and I thought it didn’t seem to noticeable at least.
As you can see there’s some cracking and rotting under the chin and along the edge of the neck, I believe this is due to having it sit in a spot of my shelf where the sun sometimes shines on it a bit, makes me really wish I paid attention to it earlier.
Overall, I’d say it still looks fine, but I’m looking to get a ToTS Halloween 1 mask as I was originally going for a Halloween 1 look to begin with. It was just that this was the closest available at the time and I was looking for something cheap. I’m a senior in high school and I don’t really have the money to have a custom mask or have one be rehauled, as much as I would like that. Once again, thanks for your replies and helping me learn more about posting on this site in the process, as this is actually my first thread!

I mean you could always use it as a practice mask for styling the hair or experimenting with things if you ever wanted to start rehauling your own masks. Especially if you buy primarily from TOTS. Look up a few guides first before doing so though, just so you know what to expect. If your gonna be buying an TOTS H1 you’ll probably have to mess with it a bit to get a good look. Another thing is if you found the H2 mask to big the TOTS 78 mask is about the same if not bigger. The TOTS Kirk has the best mold in my opinion, however you’ll have to go through the process of converting a Kirk to a shape mask. Whichever your preference, good luck.

Now that you’ve mentioned that, I think I may hold on to it in order to experiment on. Rehauling is indeed something I would like to do in the future and it would be great to have something to just practice on, especially if I plan to touch up a ToTS H1 which I most likely will do. I’ll make sure to refer to guides that I can find, as that’s definitely something that could’ve helped me before. Thanks a lot!

Your welcome man, good luck.

I would hold onto it if I were you and just let that baby age naturally. The mask looks great taking on the aging process …

nice I have an H6 tots that is deep deep into the rotting process lol it looks kinda sweet actually

How long have you had it? Did you wear it a lot? Seen sun light ect.

oh yeah sunlight…was completely my fault lol didnt really wear it much have had it since 2015