Whats up with Mr. Closet Monster

:question: Why are there no Closet Monsters ? Is there something wrong with it ? I have only seen 3, 2 on EvilBay and the 1 I have. I think this is an awesome mask. I would love to see more of them to compare mine to. So if you have one please post a pic so I will know he is not an only child… :frowning:

:open_mouth: 32 views and no response…wow, he might be an only child :cry:

If he’s an only child that means he’s rare. And that’s a good thing. :wink: Yours looks pretty good.

I’ll accept parody thread status, after all it is a form of compliment on the internet…

BTW, good looking mask up there

That is a beauty of a mask. I love the hair on it! :drinkers:

All I can say is your copy has one of the badass paint-ups I’ve ever seen :rock:
And awesome display :sunglasses:

It’s an older mask so they may not be many of them around. Justin sculpted it at Nightowl and sold a few then he sold the mold or master to Ghastly Pro. who did your version. I sprayed the hair brown when I got it but otherwise it’s all Ghastly’s work. Super cool to see you’re still enjoying it!

Thanks for the props guys, and YES, I love my Monster…Let me tell you guys, it looks even better in person, I would love to have JC do his magic on a mask for me, BUT… :frowning: sorry James you will never touch this one, there is really no need :smiley: I will get another one for you !

I picked up a Closet Monster from Tommy last year, and it’s easily one of my favorite H1 masks. He did an awesome job with the finish work.

[/img] I love closet monsters especially when painted classic looking. Now I just have to hair him.Yours Is really good mad and has the look I went for, Even the hair line comes down further in front like i,m hairing mine. Some cm,s look balding LOL

The Closet Monster is by all means an insane mask.I have a Ruthless style Closet Monster I got from Tommy not too long ago and I love it.By the way,your copy is aces :wink:

NICE BASS bro. There,s a 50 50 chance I made and painted the eyes in it. If they are Flexible or patent Flex Eyes I did

:smiley: Thanks guys , those are some great Monsters …I know we can find a few more out there ! :mrgreen: IT’S MONSTER MADNESS :mrgreen:

Where did you get your display case… and Nice mask too.