Where did Michael go after Halloween (1978)?

As everyone knows, Loomis shoots Michael 6 times and he disappears. In the new movies it’s revealed he was arrested shortly after and was incarcerated until 2018. Did he just walk around the corner and pass out and get arrested? Did he make it back to his house? Did he attack anyone else? I feel like it’ll be shown in Halloween Kills, but for now what does everyone think? I always thought it would be interesting if he made it back to his house in a very weakened state and had a sort of final stand off with Loomis and a few cops before being taken in. :myers

Not 100% But I’ve heard Loomis is back in Kills… so maybe.?

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Cool story.

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Judging by the leaked phone footage, it appears that he and young Lonnie Elam run into each other then the cops follow suit. Aside from that, who knows what else happens so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

SPOILER ALERT. He was caught doing push-ups on someone’s porch

To jail.

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He went home.

Lonnie bumps into him, Michael chases him to young Hawkins, then he goes home