Which H1/H2 does it for you?

Which mask replica truly captures the original for you? Thought it’d be fun to see some answers. Masks I’ve seen which really capture the look in my eyes would have to be FPS Spectre, Nag Ps78, any variation of the KH/DW, and the 2K. Those are only a few which I don’t actually own any of, but they look great in pics I’ve seen. You guys?

I’m a bit bias as I just scored my NAG 75K Castle, but it really gives me the H1 vibe through and through. Another great H1 for me is the classic Night Owl Psycho. Always thought that really captured the H1 look well, especially the closet scene.

As for H2, the KHU is probably top of the list for me. I don’t own one, but it’s my favorite H2 look out of what’s on the scene right now.

But this is a hard topic to address, because I like so many of them and they all pull off great looks in their own right.

For H1, my picks are probably the NAG 75K Castle, NAG 98 Proto, and NAG PS78.
For H2, I’d say the CGP Warlock pretty much takes the cake for me, though there are certainly a number of other really great H2’s out there as well.

H1: NAG PS78, NAG Nightmare UL, and Nightowl Shat
H2: NAG 98 Proto H2 style, KHU, and H2SM

I also like the Warlock quite a bit and plan on purchasing one soon second hand. However, I just think the copies vary in quality a lot. It’s a great mask for cosplaying but the others I would much rather prefer to solely display instead.

-Nightowl Creep
-Nightowl Psycho


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Creep for h1 as pictured
For h2 probably a warlock

75K castle ALL DAY LONG. I’ve yet to see a mask that captures all the looks this one can. The “sag” built into the mask pushes it over the edge of any other replica currently.

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H1- Creep, Psycho, Nm78, NAG RareR, HSS converted Kirk08 and any NAG 75K variant done by JC
H2- H2 Creep or Regular done up H2 style, ORIGINAL KH/DW, 99Shat by JC, Nightmare done by JC and any NAG done by JC

75k Castle Original Mold & 10/31 for now :slight_smile:

H1 for me currently:
NAG 75K Castle, PS78, 98 Proto…
Although whenever Somnam’s sculpt is ever actually released it’ll most likely be my favourite of all
As for H2, KHU all the way

Wow all quality top-shelf masks here. JC 75K Castle still kills it for me

Just talking about Blanks:

H1 -
Nag Nightmare RS & UL
Nag RareR
Nag 2K

H2 -
75k Old Mold
99 Shat

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75K supreme for both. After all, the same mask was used in H1 and H2 :slight_smile:

Wooohaaa thats some serious pieces latex you shown! Gold !!! [emoji111][emoji482]

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