Which is the best collection? ....

_Which would be your best Myers collection…

Your best masks in your CURRENT collection or the best masks that you have SOLD or TRADED if you could get them back?


I have never been happier with a Myers mask than I am right now.

Nightowl/JC Shat = My happiness. :smiley:

My best mask has to be the Creep.


Mine would be close!

My current collection has my SLE, DB2, Special Edition H8, Brad Hardin (one of first 4), the SSN Shanks that was done up for Don to be presented at a con (but he didn’t show up) the unbelievable 75K H2 James did up and a couple other standouts.

The collection I could assemble if I had my masks I sold back would feature the KHDW #4, KHDW #5 and #11 KHDW, one of the first ten-fifteen Psychos, the #6 KHSLE (largest pull of all the SLES I know of) and some other nice ones.

CLOSE but in the end (thankfully) I’d still pick my current collection of Myers masks…

hope the same is true for all of you!

I have a 3 way tie :blush:

Definitely my Current Collection is the best ive ever had,filtered out and got rid of the not so special to me stuff now its perfect couldn’t be happier really…ok tell a lie once i receive my L75 H2 then i’ll be all made up :smiley:

This was my favorite mask in my collection. Unfortunately I had to sell it last year for $800.00 to fund another project. I sure do miss it. :mrgreen:

Awesome man and you have quite a collection going on I must say! BUT the 75K H2 is going to make you cry man…like a baby…but in a good good way! :rock:

I don’t have one? :open_mouth:

I would have given you $1000.00. Why didn’t you give me the first shot! :open_mouth: :imp:

Without a doubt, my 99 Shatner converted by JC. No other Myers mask has come close to it.

Haha,thanks Benny,yeah so stoked bro glad im a patient kinda guy who just loves the thrill of the waiting game :smiley:

:laughing: :laughing:

Less is more cause all the white masks get boring to me in a collection, I have had all of them and IMO collecting myers is too easy with the way you can just order a psycho or warlock like pizza for example and really you feel that you don’t feel like you have anything really vintage or special cause lets face it,anybody can order one at anytime anyday so whats the point.I feel if they were limited like the new Image mask then you would feel you had something instead of a psycho that everybody has.Sorry Benny to get off point with your thread so I will answer you and say that you and everybody else know what mask does it for me and thats all I need so I am lucky not to want all the other masks that are so commonly out there for sale constantly and easily ordered with a push of a payment sent paypal transfer and poof you got a psycho that 5000 people have.If I could have your db2 Benny that would rock though :smiley:

lol…Good stuff.

_You crack my ass up Amy…Goodness

Ive owned some goodones Benny as you know. I think Matt L owns my whole old collection…lol

Lets see currently the KHDW and HMK, Im content.

Id like to have My Second Stab back and my Mayhem Maniac and my Maniac Proto Glenns old copy, but just for sentimental value._

I’m pretty content with my 4 stamp nmm78, but if I could have the one mask back I sold off it would easily be the KH/DW #2. :sunglasses:

I wish I had all of my former proto pieces under one collection…

4 Stamp NM78 proto
05 Psycho proto
PsychoSE proto
Creep proto
Shat proto
Second Stab proto
DB2 Myers proto
H78 Kirk proto (before I opted to have it converted)
MMK Kirk proto

and although not a proto
Erik’s 4 Stamp NM78 #9

I’m getting a 99 Shat soon that I’m sending off to AHG. This will be my grail.

my 99 shat converted my MCG and then my Psycho :mrgreen: :rock:

Now that’s a hard one :laughing:

Pretty satisfied with the pieces I own and will cherish the ones coming in the future just the same :slight_smile: